“We do indeed have four dimensions. But even in relativity, they are not all of the same sort. Only three are spatial. The fourth is temporal; and we are unable to move freely in time. We cannot return to days gone by, nor avoid the coming of tomorrow. We can neither hasten nor retard our journey into the future. We are like hapless passengers on a crowded escalator, carried relentlessly forward till our particular floor arrives and we step off into a place where there is no time, while the material composing our bodies continues its journey on the inexorable escalator – perhaps forever.” Hoffmann, Banesh. “Introduction.” InFlatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.New York: DoverPublications, Inc., 1952.

Escalate is a projection work of a moving escalator onto the surface of the ground. The audience can walk onto the escalator and are able to move forwards, backwards and step off, thus in effect they can control time and influence the future with their thoughts alone, they just need to decide in which direction they wish to travel.

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